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3 Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips for Winter December 18, 2019

Clarksville, Howard
3 Flat Roofing Maintenance Tips for Winter, Clarksville, Maryland

Keeping your commercial property healthy requires preventative maintenance. A flat roof, in particular, needs regular upkeep to prevent damage and to protect the interior of the building from leaks. Make sure to complete these roofing tasks to safeguard the structure from snow and ice this winter.

How to Prepare Your Flat Roof for Winter

1. Schedule an Inspection

Before winter arrives, have a professional roofing contractor visit your business to inspect the roof for signs of damage. If they find any problems, they’ll make the necessary repairs before the situation worsens. Snow and ice can exacerbate these issues, causing leaks with inadequate roofing.  

2. Clear All Debris

roofingIf leaves, tree limbs, and other debris are left to sit on your roof, they can promote mold growth, moisture, and pest problems. They can also cause wear to the surface materials, which could lead to leaks in the underlying membrane. Also, make sure the gutters and downspouts are fully clear, so water and melting snow won’t sit on the roof and form ice dams.

3. Trim Surrounding Trees

When snow and ice accumulate on trees, the extra weight weakens the branches and will often cause a few to break off. If these limbs are hanging over your commercial property, they might damage the surface. Animals can also use overhanging branches to get onto your roof and scratch it or cause other problems.


Ensure you don’t have to worry about your flat roof this winter by contacting the professionals at Marshall’s Contracting in Jessup, MD, for trusted maintenance. For over 35 years, this family-owned-and-operated business has provided residential and commercial exterior remodeling services to the area. Their roofing contractors specialize in roof repairs, replacements, and new installations. Call them today at (410) 406-7667 for a free quote or visit their website to learn more about their services.

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