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5 Tips to Protect Asphalt Parking Lots This Winter January 6, 2020

College Point, Queens
5 Tips to Protect Asphalt Parking Lots This Winter, Queens, New York

The holiday season may be a boom time for business, but it’s also a dangerous time for your company’s parking lot. Although asphalt is sturdy, cold temperatures, snow, and ice can take their toll. Use these tips to keep yours protected this winter.

Winter Parking Lot Protection Checklist

1. Perform Regular Inspections

Be on the lookout for cracks, potholes, and debris littering the parking lot. At least once a week, walk around the perimeter and check the material’s integrity. Doing this earlier in the season — before the deeper chills and Nor’easters that January and February often bring — ensure you can make any necessary repairs before snow makes it more difficult.

2. Fill in Cracks

If you do notice any cracks or potholes, have them fixed promptly. These blemishes allow moisture to penetrate the outer layer more easily. When that water freezes into ice, it expands and aggravates fissures. A professional may recommend patching small, isolated issues with filler, a caulking gun, and a putty knife or trowel, but more advanced problems may necessitate replacement. 

3. Clean Routinely 

Any debris that left on your commercial paving can freeze onto the asphalt when it gets cold enough, which can damage the outer layer and sealant. They also are problematic when the area is plowed because the machine drags them across the top, which leads to chips and cracks. Place garbage cans at convenient intervals to encourage patrons not to litter, and have an employee sweep up at least once a week. As a bonus, a clean lot will make a positive impression on your customers. 

4. Clear Snow 

Parking LotThe best time to remove the snow is immediately following the storm. If you wait, not only does it add unnecessary weight, but it also has the opportunity to melt and penetrate the outer layer or freeze into a sheet of ice. If you’re shoveling it away, use a rubber-tipped shovel to avoid chipping the blacktop.

5. Apply Fresh Sealant

Over time, the sealant that protects the paving wears away, so it’s important to reapply a layer early in the winter. This prevents moisture from penetrating the asphalt and exposing the inside to the harmful freeze-thaw cycle that breaks down structural integrity.


For more help protecting your parking lot this winter, contact the experts at Grey-Ruso Construction in College Point, NY. For more than 35 years, this family-owned and -operated company has helped local business owners install and maintain their asphalt paving. They can provide any needed repairs and help prevent damage from the harsh winter weather. Request a free estimate by calling (718) 358-1836 or learn more online.
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