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5 Senior-Friendly Home Modifications for Safe Independent Living December 26, 2019

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
5 Senior-Friendly Home Modifications for Safe Independent Living, Henderson, Kentucky

If your elderly parent or grandparent is living at home on their own, you can take a few steps to make their day-to-day life as comfortable and secure as possible. Some physical challenges that come with age, like decreased balance, can be addressed with simple home modifications. Find out how to improve your aging loved one's quality of life while supporting their desire for independent living. Here’s what you should know.

5 Home Modifications for At-Home Senior Safety

1. Lighting

Older adults may have age-related vision problems, such as cataracts. Make up for sight impairments by adding extra lighting throughout the home. Target less well-lit areas, like staircases, and make switches easy to reach.

2. Walk-In Shower or Tub

Getting in and out of a tub or shower is particularly difficult for those with waning muscle strength. Falls in the bathroom are particularly dangerous for seniors. Make bathing safer by installing a walk-in tub or shower stall with a seat.

3. Grab Bars

independent livingIf you don't have the budget for a bathroom overhaul, make bathing safer by installing grab bars. Add bars next to the toilet, in the shower, and by the sink. Also, add no-slip mats on the floor to decrease the likelihood of a fall.

4. Carpet Tape & Skid-Proof Padding

Getting a toe caught on a carpet is another common cause of falls. Decrease the likelihood of stumbles by securing rugs with grip tape and nonskid pads. Gel-based grips keep rug corners and edges from curling, and nonskid padding prevents rugs from sliding.

5. Smart Tools

Use modern technology to automate tasks. Seniors can use a voice assistant to turn on the television, for instance. A smart thermostat negates the need to adjust heating and cooling levels manually. Adding smart touches to your loved one's home makes day-to-day life more convenient.


If your loved one is having difficulty with the daily activities of independent living, in-home nursing care will help. MASH Home Care serves families throughout Henderson, Webster, and Union counties in Kentucky with compassionate elderly care. Their professionally trained caregivers and companions help seniors with dressing, bathing, transportation, and meal preparation. Visit their website to review their personal care services. Call (270) 212-3620 to discuss how they’ll help support your loved one’s desire to live independently.