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3 Ways to Help Your Children With Conflict Resolution March 20, 2020

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3 Ways to Help Your Children With Conflict Resolution, Westport, Connecticut

Conflict resolution is a tough skill to learn, even for some adults. That’s why it’s essential to teach your children to resolve arguments and problems from a young age. Kids who know how to find solutions to conflicts may have an easier time building friendships at their preschool center and beyond.

How to Teach Your Children to Resolve Conflicts

1. Encourage “I” Statements

Many children don’t know how to control their emotions and may yell or cry when they face conflicts. However, if you teach your children to use “I feel” statements when they’re not happy with a friend, they can resolve disputes more calmly. For example, if another child takes their toy, teach them to say, “I feel upset when you take something of mine without asking.”

2. Show Them How to Apologize

preschool centerApologizing isn’t easy at first, but it’s necessary when you’re in the wrong. Encourage your children to give sincere apologies when they’ve behaved poorly, using the words “I’m sorry” and acknowledging how they contributed to the conflict.

3. Explain How to Find a Solution

Instead of telling your children how to resolve disagreements with others, teach them how to brainstorm solutions on their own. Ask your children to explain the conflict and then have them think of three possible solutions. Coming up with their own resolutions may be challenging at first, but they'll get the hang of it with practice.


If you’re looking for a preschool center where your child can develop these skills and others, contact Pumpkin Preschool, IncWith 30 years of experience, Pumpkin Preschool knows that the love of learning comes from a great beginning. Through gentle teacher guidance, children develop social emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and communication skills. Our specialized preschool curriculum ensures that children learn to collaborate and problem solve as they move toward school-readiness and independence. Call 1 (800) DAYCARE (329-2273) to book an appointment at our preschool center, or visit our website for additional information on our educational goals.

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