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What to Know About Winter Window Repairs January 8, 2020

Irondequoit, Monroe
What to Know About Winter Window Repairs, Irondequoit, New York

Your home’s windows are an essential barrier against the cold weather in winter. However, because of their constant exposure to outside elements, your windows may sustain damage over time. If any issues arise, you’ll want to schedule screen or glass repair services as soon as possible to keep the harsh elements out of your home. The following guide will prepare you for any window issues.

What Are Some Common Window Problems?

glass repairHarsh weather conditions, particularly in winter, can lead to structural problems with your windows. Rotted or warped frames are commonly overlooked, but they can lead to drafts and heat loss. Take the time to check and repair these whenever possible.

Leaves, twigs, and other debris that pile up by your windows can also cause damage when they get stuck along the tracks or sills. If you have to repeatedly force the window to open or close, the components could get damaged.


Why Should You Fix Them This Winter?

Improve Energy Efficiency

Drafty windows can make your heating equipment work harder than usual. When it does, it consumes more energy to maintain the set temperature indoors, resulting in higher bills and a shorter lifespan for your motor.

Keep Your Home Warmer for Longer

Even the most energy-efficient HVAC will struggle if gaps and cracks are letting heated air out of your home. This could leave you uncomfortable in the cold. Stay warm and keep your heating unit functional by setting aside time for window and glass repairs.

Prevent Water Seepage

Apart from cold air, damaged windows also let in snow and ice. When they melt, you may face issues such as mold growth, rotting, and insulation damage.


This winter, keep your windows in check by reaching out to Black’s Hardware in Rochester, NY. This local hardware store offers more than supplies; they also provide window screen and glass repair and replacement services on their premises. Call (585) 544-9896 to set an appointment or view their full product catalog online.

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