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4 Ways to Keep Winter Pests from Entering the Home December 18, 2019

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4 Ways to Keep Winter Pests from Entering the Home, Maineville, Ohio

While you’re preparing for the Holidays, the last problem you want to deal with is a pest infestation. During the winter months, pests like to find places with warmth and a food source, and homes offer both. If they start to get out of hand, you’ll need to call pest control, but there are ways to keep them from entering in the first place.

How to Keep Winter Bugs From Entering the Home

1. Eliminate Moisture 

Leaking faucets in the bathroom and damp basements attract many types of pests, from cockroaches to silverfish. To prevent this issue, eliminate the source of the moisture. In the bathroom, check for wet spots under the sinks and fix any leaky pipes. Keeping the humidity levels low also helps keep pests out; consider adding a dehumidifier in your basement.

2. Store Wood Outside

pest controlA traditional fireplace is a fantastic way to keep warm during the winter, but mice, carpenter ants, spiders, roaches and many other pest like to make their nests inside firewood. Keep the pile outside and at least 20 feet away from the house to lessen the likelihood they’ll find their way inside. 

3. Repair Cracks & Holes

When a home shifts, doors can sometimes go off their base. Those small cracks are enough for bugs to enter. Add a new line of caulking around the trim and do the same with your windows as well. Faulty windows and doors are the most common reasons pest control is called.

If you notice a large hole in your home or business, especially if it’s chewed, you likely have mice. Sealing it up will prevent potential insects and mice from infesting your house or business in the future. 

4. Clean Regularly 

While people usually clean their houses daily, there may be some spots they miss. Move your appliances, like your fridge and oven, and clean behind them. Disturb places that pests will usually hide, like webs in corners, because they won’t come back to live there if you’re always in that space.


If you find pests in your home during the winter, reach out to BUG-A-PEST, LLC. Mason, Maineville, Loveland OH’s Leading Pest Control Service has been locally run and operated since 1992, with two locations in Maineville and Kings Mills. BBB® accredited and fully insured, you can rely on them to eliminate any pests that occupy your space. Call (513) 459-7700 for an estimate, or visit their website for more information on their services.

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