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How to Make Your Water Birth Comfortable December 30, 2019

Suffern, Rockland County
How to Make Your Water Birth Comfortable, Suffern, New York

If you love baths and you like the idea of delivering naturally, a water birth might be right for you. These carefully controlled births are possible because of a baby’s dive reflex, or their ability to hold their breath underwater immediately following their birth. If you’re interested in a home water birth, the guide below discusses how to make the process comfortable. 

A Guide to Creating a Comfortable Water Birth

Purchase the Right Supplies 

In order to have a safe and comfortable water birth, you will need to have access to a birthing pool. You can use your own sanitized bathtub at home or purchase an inflatable pool to serve as your birthing pool.

It’s important to also purchase a floating thermometer. The temperature of your birthing pool should be as close to your body temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit as possible to protect you and the baby. Birthing cool water that's too cold could expose your baby to complications like hypothermia.  

water birthYou should also have access to clean towels, a waterproof pillow, a debris removal net, and waterproof pool patches if you’re using an inflatable pool. Additionally, stock up on clean clothes for yourself and the baby, as well as ice chips to keep you hydrated. 

Prepare for Aftercare

If your baby is healthy immediately following the birth, you can ask your nurse or home birth professional to perform a delayed cord clamping, where the cord isn’t clamped until the blood from the placenta has stopped going into your baby, increasing iron levels and stem cell levels. 

After that time, the cord can be clamped and the baby will have their vitals checked. You can remain in the pool with your baby to create a bond through skin-to-skin contact. Your midwife will determine when it’s time to deliver your placenta, and they’ll help you out of the pool to complete that process. You can use a robe or towel to dry off and feel comfortable afterward. 



If you’re interested in a water birth or another form of home birth, turn to the specialists at Home Birth with Love. Based in Suffern, NY, this trusted team of professionals can help with everything from prenatal care to home deliveries. To find out more about how these professionals can help, visit their website or call (845) 641-5058.