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What Do Kids Need This Holiday Season? December 18, 2019

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What Do Kids Need This Holiday Season?, Texarkana, Texas

You likely provide your children with a lot during the holiday season, but that doesn't have to stop with physical presents. Although children appreciate the wonderful gifts they receive, what they remember for years to come is the time you spend with them. The following guide will help you find ways to cherish time with your child, whether it’s through school preparation or fun activities. 

3 Ways to Spend Time With Kids This Holiday Season

1. Bake Together

school preparationKids love to be just like their parents, and cooking and baking is a skill best taught when they're young. Even toddlers can join in on the fun by mixing the batter with their hands or a spoon. Decorate the cookies together and tell the rest of the family the children made them. They will feel proud that they created something with you.  

2. Teach them a Skill

Reading, writing, and learning a new language takes time. Encourage school preparation by giving them the skills they need before they enter kindergarten. If your child sees you reading, drawing, cross-stitching, or doing anything creative, they'll likely want to join in with you. Encourage learning by spending time with them doing that activity.

3. Do a Charitable Act

Children are aware of your actions and often follow your lead when they can. Encourage volunteering in your household to help them get in the habit for the future. Take your children to a nursing home to spend time with the residents or take them to the park to pick up trash, and they’ll get in the charitable spirit with you.


If you want to encourage your child's school preparation and give them a memorable educational experience, enroll them at Wake Village Playskool in Wake Village, TX. Since 1977, they have served their community by helping children develop social, interpersonal, and basic learning skills in a comfortable environment. Call (903) 838-5424 for questions about enrollment, or visit them online to learn more about their various services.

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