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3 Winter Driving Tips December 17, 2019

David City, Butler
3 Winter Driving Tips, David City, Nebraska

Driving is always risky, but it can be especially challenging navigating the roads in winter. As such, take some extra precautions to keep yourself safe and avoid an auto insurance claim or injury. If you have to get behind the wheel when conditions are less than ideal, here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

How to Stay Safe When Driving in Winter

1. Make Adjustments for the Weather

When driving in inclement weather, always reduce your speed. Posted speed limits are only considered safe under normal conditions. Therefore, you should be going slower to accommodate for slick roads. Plan to leave the house earlier and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Additionally, it’s wise to increase the distance between you and other cars, as it takes longer for vehicles to stop on wet roads. 

2. Practice Defensive Driving 

auto insuranceStaying alert and aware of your surroundings is always smart, but it becomes even more vital during winter. Limit distractions, such as cell phones, food and drink, and loud passengers, so you can keep your focus on the road. This will help you react promptly to potentially dangerous situations, like a blocked road or an out-of-control control vehicle. Also, keep your lights on during the day and night to make sure others can see you.

3. Properly Maintain Your Vehicle

Wet weather and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle. It’s essential to keep it in good operating condition so you don’t get stranded. Replace the windshield wipers and check all the lights to ensure you have optimal visibility. Inspect fluid levels, test the battery, get a brake inspection, and check your tire pressure regularly. If you fail to maintain your car and a collision occurs as a result, you may be liable for the other party’s auto insurance claim. 


Before winter arrives in full force, reach out to First State Insurance Agency to schedule a policy review. They’ll go over your current auto insurance coverage and help determine if it’s adequately meeting your needs. They offer decades of industry experience and are qualified to advise you on any additional protection you could benefit from. With locations in Beatrice, David City, and Hickman, NE, it’s convenient to stop in and discuss your options. Call (402) 979-7585 to set up an appointment, or visit them online to request an auto insurance quote.

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