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How to Know Which Golf Club to Use December 17, 2019

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How to Know Which Golf Club to Use, Evendale, Ohio

Selecting the best golf club for a hole isn’t an easy decision. Picking the right one can improve your score by several strokes. Here’s some advice for choosing the most appropriate club for each hole and situation.

How to Select a Golf Club

Consider the Distance

golf clubs Cincinnati OHFirst, assess how far you need to hit the ball. When hitting from the tee box on a par 4 or 5, most people use a driver. On a par 3, you may opt for a 3-wood or iron, depending on the distance to the hole. Men may opt for a 3-wood at 210 yards, while women would benefit from this club at 180 yards.

Select the irons by choosing lower numbers like 2s through 5s for holes under 160 yards for men or 140 yards for women. Irons five to nine cover up to 120 yards for men and 100 yards for women. Wedges may work for shorter distances up to 110 yards for male players and 90 yards for females. Your club choice can also vary based on your strength and ability. Advanced players are able to hit the ball farther and with more accuracy.

Assess the Angle

Next, consider the angle of the golf clubs. Woods have slight angles as they are built for distance, not height. The higher the iron, the less angled the club. For example, you may use a 9-iron to hit the ball a short distance between 55 and 135 yards over a part of the course that requires height, like a hill, or over an obstacle, like a sand trap. Lower irons are less angled, making them better for hitting over longer distances.

Pitching wedges offer the highest angle — between 45 and 50 degrees — to send the ball flying upwards over a limited distance. These golf clubs are perfect for chipping the ball onto the green when it’s higher than the current position of the ball. Putter heads are at a 90-degree angle to the ground, offering an excellent surface for controlling putts on greens.


If you’re in the market for golf clubs, head to the pro shop at Etter’s Custom Golf Center in Cincinnati, OH. This top-notch course offers certified club fitting to ensure you’re purchasing the right set for your body and skill level. During their 30-year history, they’ve provided a club repair center, practice range, and PGA professional instructors for golfers of all levels. Call the Reading Road course at (513) 563-8661 or visit their website for more information.

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