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How to Prepare Your Horse Farm for Winter December 18, 2019

Whiteville, Baxter
How to Prepare Your Horse Farm for Winter, Whiteville, Arkansas

Winter brings a lot of changes to the farm. Snow and cold weather can present problems for your horses, damage your horse tack, and dwindle your current supplies. Luckily, these issues can be prevented with proper planning. Here are four important preparations to make before winter sets in.

4 Ways to Ready Your Farm for Cold Weather

1. Stock Up on Supplies

According to The Humane Society, the average horse eats fifteen to twenty pounds of hay per day. When winter hits and the foraging of grass is no longer an option, it’s important to make sure that your horses have plenty of hay available. Stock up on hay and store it in your barn so that you’re fully prepared for poor weather.

Other items you need to stock up on include flashlights, batteries, supplements, and an equine first aid kit. You should also inspect your horse blankets and replace any that have holes or mildew on them.

2. Clean Your Horse Tack

Horse TackWhen the temperature drops below freezing, your leather horse tack can dry out and crack. To protect this equipment during the winter, first thoroughly clean it. You can do this with saddle soap and a damp sponge. Once clean and dry, store the tack in a warm area.

3. Prepare Your Water Sources

Plummeting winter temperatures can cause your horses’ water to freeze. Horses need warm water in order to stay hydrated. If you don’t have a warm water source, purchase stock tank heaters or heated buckets.

4. Keep Extra Bedding Material on Hand

On cold or snowy nights, you need to add extra bedding to your horses’ stalls. The extra bedding can absorb any snow that seeps in, and keep your horses dry and warm.


Do you need winter supplies for the farm? If so, stop in at Gregg Farm Services in Gassville, AR, for all of your feed and horse tack needs. Their staff is committed to providing excellent customer service. They’ll even place custom orders for you to ensure you get what you need. Check out their website to learn more or call them at (870) 481-5165 with questions.

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