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Which Business Phone Service Is Right for Your Startup? December 19, 2019

Ambler, Montgomery County
Which Business Phone Service Is Right for Your Startup?, Ambler, Pennsylvania

There are many essential steps to getting a startup off the ground, but setting up your business phone services isn't one to overlook. While it may seem like a simple decision, there are several options to consider, each with its own advantages. Learn more about each one to make the right decision for your current and future needs.

4 Business Phone Systems to Consider

1. Landline

Landline phone systems are the most recognizable, as they're found nearly everywhere and connect directly to the national infrastructure. Call data travels through physical lines and then splits to multiple lines in an office. These systems are cheap and reliable, and most offices already have them. If not, however, know that some construction will be needed.

2. PBX

business phone servicePrivate branch exchange (PBX) systems work similarly to landlines. However, the call exchange network is inhouse. As a result, these systems are more customizable and scale better as your business grows. Additionally, they maintain the reliability of landlines and handle conference calls.

3. VoIP

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems operate over the internet. This means you won't have to worry about landline wiring or grid interruptions. Instead, you'll enjoy many unique features, including digital concierge, call forwarding, remote voicemail access, and cell phone connections, thanks to the versatility of an internet-based service. VoIP systems are also often cheaper and easier to manage through a telecom solutions provider.

4. Cloud-Based

A cloud-based business phone service works on a subscription basis through a cloud services provider. The system is offsite, and the provider handles all maintenance. These have far fewer limitations and scale easily as businesses grow, and they can also be accessed remotely on different devices.


If you’re ready to purchase a business phone service, Communications Deployment Partners will examine your needs and offer options to help your company excel. This telecom solutions provider proudly serves business owners throughout the country from their Ambler, PA, office, providing phone services, cybersecurity, business continuity, and disaster recovery. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call (215) 343-5580 to speak with an expert about your business needs.

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