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3 Benefits of Using Spandex for Maternity Clothes December 26, 2019

Garment District, Manhattan
3 Benefits of Using Spandex for Maternity Clothes, Manhattan, New York

Pregnancy causes your body to change in many ways and, while this is natural, you may need to invest in a new wardrobe that’s able to keep up. Whether you’re looking for pre-made garments or thinking about crafting your own custom maternity wear, consider the following reasons why spandex should be at the top of your material list.

Why Is Spandex Perfect for Maternity Wear?

1. Adapts to Your Changing Body

Spandex offers optimal stretch, so it can get you through multiple stages of pregnancy. As your baby bump gets bigger, the fabric can continue to provide coverage without feeling too tight. This will help you avoid buying too many new clothes that you’ll only wear when you're pregnant.

2. Helps You Stay Cool

spandexSpandex wicks away moisture, which is perfect, considering women tend to overheat and sweat throughout pregnancy. The breathable material provides plenty of airflow, so it dries quickly and allows your body temperature to easily regulate without making you uncomfortable.

3. Provides Optimal Comfort

Pregnancy often comes with a lot of discomfort, from nausea to skin sensitivity. The last thing you need is bothersome clothing that makes the problem even worse. Spandex forms to your body without adding rigid seams, itchy surfaces, or buttons and zippers that dig into your skin.


If you’re interested in adding spandex to your maternity closet, check out Spandex House, Inc. in Midtown Manhattan. This fabric store offers one of the world’s largest selections of the material. With more than 25 years of industry experience, their team is also well equipped to help you pick out the perfect materials for your size, style, and comfort requirements. Visit the company’s website to browse their wide selection of products, or call (212) 354-6711 to speak with a staff member about your needs.

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