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4 Different Hot Sauce Styles December 27, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Different Hot Sauce Styles, Brooklyn, New York

When you go to a sports bar for some classic American food, you may want a little heat to go with it. Hot sauce adds a kick and depth of flavor, and there are varieties from all around the world that include different spices. Here, learn more about several types of sauce that you should try the next time you want to spice up your night at your favorite sports bar.

How do Different Regions Flavor Their Hot Sauces?

1. Louisiana 

These are popular for their salty flavors. Thanks to their vinegar content, they have thin, almost watery consistencies. Chili peppers are what give them their signature kick.

While they still pack a little punch, Louisiana sauces are generally mild, making them great for those with sensitive tastebuds who still want some heat.

2. Mexico

Sauces that originate from south of the border bring more heat to the table. They’re a bit thicker than Louisiana sauces because they don’t use much, if any, vinegar. Their heat is often delivered through blends of jalapeno, habanero, and pequin peppers.

If you want more complexity, turn to red or green chile sauces. They utilize the same peppers, but add savory spices like cumin, garlic, and onion for bolder, deeper flavors. These sauces pair well with meats, potatoes, and eggs.

3. Asia

sports barAsian spicy sauces are often made with bird’s eye or Thai chili, tomato paste, and blends of regional flavors like ginger, soy, and garlic. They’re often thick and potent, best used in small drops. Chili garlic sauce is a popular Asian staple, giving a unique tang to pizza, onion rings, fries, and burgers.

4. Caribbean

Jerk is Jamaica’s signature cooking style, which combines meat with a hot spice mixture called the Jamaican jerk spice. It’s often used as a marinade for chicken and pork. Its kick comes from scotch bonnet peppers mixed with cloves, allspice, and similar seasonings. This type of hot sauce stands out on chicken tacos, pulled pork sandwiches, or steak fries.


Are you ready to try some heat that includes a range of different flavors? Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar in Danbury, CT, brings it with their 16 signature sauce blends, which range from mild to wild. With a multitude of convenient locations across the country, this sports bar offers American classics in energetic atmospheres that welcome everyone. Browse their sauce options online, and call (203) 794-9453 to book a table today.

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