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3 Signs You Need New Hardwood Floors December 26, 2019

West Whitfield, Whitfield
3 Signs You Need New Hardwood Floors, West Whitfield, Georgia

When properly maintained, hardwood floors can last for decades. They can also be restored through refinishing, but eventually, they’ll be so worn they need to be replaced. If you’re not sure whether to get a replacement, here are a few signs to look for.

When to Replace Your Hardwood Floors

1. Refinished Too Many Times

Refinishing involves sanding down the top of the floor to remove the sealant and the damaged layer of wood. The contractor will then apply a new sealant over the wood to ensure there are no imperfections. This process will restore the flooring for a fraction of the price of new floors; however, this can only be done approximately five times before the flooring becomes too thin.

2. Water Damage

hardwood floorsWater-damaged wood cannot be salvaged. If you’re not sure whether there is moisture damage, look for boards that are buckling at the edges, a peeling finish, or gaps between the boards. However, before replacing the floor, address the source of the water damage, whether it’s a faulty appliance or plumbing leak. This ensures the same problem won’t happen to your new floor.

3. Outdated

Hardwood flooring is a timeless flooring option, and you can restain the wood if you want a new color; however, a change in your interior design may call for a new type of wood.  A replacement allows you to change the width of the planks and the direction they’re oriented once installed.

For example, wider planks are popular in contemporary design, as they look less busy. You can also reorient your planks so they run along the longest wall of your home, from the front to the back. This is a popular method, as it makes the home look larger by extending visual lines out from the front door.


Beaver Carpets will handle your new hardwood flooring installation in Tunnel Hill, GA. This Whitfield County-based contractor has special discounts on the finest materials available from name brands. They’ll transform your home within your budget and provide dedicated customer service. Learn more about their product selection online, and call (706) 673-2366 to discuss your new floor.

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