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3 Common Residential Code Violations January 2, 2020

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3 Common Residential Code Violations , Honolulu, Hawaii

Remodeling a home is an exciting undertaking that may take a while to complete. Although you may be eager to finish the project as soon as possible, take your time to ensure everything is done safely and properly. Since swiftly completing tasks may result in a dangerous or unstable finished product, you should work with a property inspection team to be certain everything is up to code. Here are a few common code violations the company will help you avoid.

3 Building Code Violations to Avoid

1. Working Without a Permit

Permits help ensure your home is completed properly and safely. Most projects require several permits from the city or county, and remodeling without the proper documentation may lead to delays and costly violation fines. In addition to a building permit, you’ll likely need separate inspections for plumbing and electrical work. Filing for these documents can be complicated, so ask your contractor to help you with this process.

2. Forgetting to Test for Asbestos & Lead

property inspectionA property inspection and Hazmat company may have the expertise to detect any traces of these substances. If the home is clear of asbestos and lead, you’ll have a safe working environment for the remodeling crew and avoid health issues. Asbestos fibers may stay in your lungs for several years and cause serious conditions, like lung cancer and pleural disorders. Short-term lead exposure will cause abdominal pain and memory loss, while prolonged exposure increases your risk of heart and kidney disease.

3. Ignoring Fire Codes

Work with a property inspection team that has an extensive understanding of local fire codes for homes and apartments. In Hawaii, smoke detectors are required in renovated residential buildings, and all new high-rise condominiums must be equipped with sprinklers. Working with a professional will help you plan for regular changes in the law as well as unlikely disasters.


If you’d like help avoiding these code violations, contact the experienced team at Construction Management Inspection, LLC, on Oahu, HI. This locally owned company helps homeowners safely complete remodeling projects, and their experts will ensure everything adheres to local codes and regulations. View their full list of services online, or call (808) 422-2132 to schedule a free consultation and building inspection.