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Start Today! ​Plan Your Holiday Rentals With The Help of thedinosaurhaus! October 14, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Start Today! ​Plan Your Holiday Rentals With The Help of thedinosaurhaus!, Manhattan, New York

2015 coming to a close—autumn is upon us, and before you know it, the holiday season will be here! If you’ve been wondering how you’d like to spend your holiday time, consider finding a charming apartment rental through thedinosaurhaus, the best purveyor of short-term holiday rentals in the New York City area.

If you want to live as a New Yorker for a few days, consider the following reasons why a short-term rental may be right for you:

  • Home Away From Home: Instead of returning to a hotel every evening, enjoy all of the comforts of a private apartment with its modern conveniences and the surrounding neighborhood. You’ll feel like a real New Yorker instead of a tourist in a stale and impersonal chain hotel.
  • Easier on The Budget: Instead of blowing your budget on that lifeless hotel room, save money with a holiday rental and have extra cash to use on sightseeing and events! If you have a large family or group, a holiday rental really does make financial sense.
  • A Celebration in New York City: The holiday season is remarkably beautiful and quite special in New York City. You can go ice skating, shop at special season markets, catch the best of Broadway and off-Broadway entertainment and more. You’ll get to experience the holidays like a native New Yorker, taking in all of the sights and then retiring to your own cozy apartment at the end of the day.

thedinosaurhaus is the premier company for connecting travelers with delightful vacation rentals in nearly every area of Manhattan. Their services also include matching you up with private chef services, arranging airport pickup, making dinner reservations and coordinating package pickup. Any of the services from thedinosaurhaus will leave you feeling well pampered and stress-free, allowing you to enjoy the holidays more fully. If you are in the market for the best vacation rentals, look no further than thedinosaurhaus. Visit their website or give them a call at (646) 233-1442 to check rental availability, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.