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Why the MacBook® Is One of the Best Christmas Gifts December 13, 2019

Orlando, Orange
Why the MacBook® Is One of the Best Christmas Gifts, Orlando, Florida

Initially appealing to creative types thanks to their simplistic aesthetic and unique styles, Apple® has quickly become known as "the creative company." But today, when competitors challenge the status quo, why does the MacBook continue to stand out among the creative crowd? From superior video and music editing to minimal computer repairs, many creatives remain devoted to the MacBook. So what keeps them coming back? Find out below.

5 Reasons Why the MacBook Is the Best Christmas Gift

1. Superior Apps

While the MacBook and PCs each provide a wealth of built-in utilities and apps, Microsoft's® apps typically focus on organization and business while macOS® provides apps geared more toward creative types, such as iMovie®, Apple's native video editor, and GarageBand®, their beloved music composition app. MacBook users also enjoy a superior preview utility, and access to iCloud®, which conveniently syncs your photos, videos, and files across all of your Apple devices, making them easy to access anywhere. 

2. Image, Color & Font Rendering

computer repairPerhaps a favorite among graphic designers, MacBook's large, high-quality screens render for visual appearance rather than readability, and provide excellent color reproduction and font rendering, making them ideal when working with large images or graphics. The first computer made with multiple built-in typefaces, the MacBook includes classic, native fonts reducing the need to purchase them through third-party providers.

3. Security, Reliability & Stability

For creatives, the prospect of losing work you spent hours creating is chilling. Unlike PCs, Apple controls the hardware ecosystem for MacBook, making computer repairs easier and providing security features that reduce its vulnerability to the malware, spyware, and viruses that cause computers to crash. Thanks to their high-end components, MacBooks rarely crash, a benefit for users creating RAM-intensive files such as visual effects work. 

4. Consistency & Ease of Use

While PC has come a long way since its business-centric, beige-box days, MacBook users tout its ease of use, straightforward user interface, and consistency as reasons they keep coming back. Unlike Windows’ clunky features and bogged down assistants, MacBook's macOS provides familiar, streamlined features that don't require users to re-learn their computer with each update. 

5. Quality & Value

With its reputation for customer service, high-end creative software, and quality components, the MacBook may come in at a higher price point than a PC, but many creatives feel the price is worth it simply for its longevity, reliability, and resale value. When buying a used computer, the MacBook's resale values almost always come in higher than a PC, saving you money on computer repairs and replacements over time. 


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