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3 Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations December 16, 2019

Columbia Falls, Flathead
3 Tips for Storing Your Holiday Decorations, Columbia Falls, Montana

Holiday decorations help you get in the spirit of the season, but once they come down, they can create clutter in your home. That’s why so many people look for helpful storage solutions to keep them protected in a facility. Before loading your belongings into a storage unit, use these helpful tips to safeguard them.

How to Store Your Decorations After the Holidays

1. Prepare the Tree

If you’re storing an artificial tree during the offseason, wrap it up with a plastic tarp. Not only does this save room and make it easier to move, but it’s also an added layer of protection for the delicate branches. 

Roll up any string lights so they don’t become tangled. You can wrap them around anything from a coffee can to a clothes hanger to hold them in place.

2. Add Cushioning to Boxes

Storage SolutionsAny box that contains fragile ornaments needs extra protection. Start with a layer of foam or bubble wrap on the bottom, then wrap each item with paper individually or place them into egg crates. Once the bottom has been covered with ornaments, add another layer of cushion and repeat the process until the box is full.

3. Place Boxes in Storage Carefully

It may seem like a storage solution that saves space, but stacking could damage your decorations. The added weight can break fragile pieces, and boxes could also shift and fall. Avoid this by keeping the boxes at the top of any stacks.

To help you find the right containers next holiday season, label them with their contents. It’s also useful to mark them as fragile so you remember to handle them with care.


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