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4 Creative Ideas for What to Do With Ultrasound Pictures December 26, 2019

Jackson Heights, Queens
4 Creative Ideas for What to Do With Ultrasound Pictures, Queens, New York

Ultrasounds are the first pictures you’ll get of your baby, so you’ll want to keep them as a memento of this exciting time. Fortunately, there are all sorts of creative uses for ultrasound pictures. Here are a few to consider. 

What to Do With Ultrasound Images

1. Create a Scrapbook

Design a scrapbook to track your baby’s development. Along with ultrasound pictures, incorporate other mementos, including birth announcements, footprints, hair, and pictures together. Your child will appreciate your efforts when they’re older. 

2. Turn Them Into Baby Announcements

ultrasoundSending out baby announcements lets your friends and family know about the newest addition to your family. The ultrasound provides a first glimpse at your baby, which is why many women choose to add pictures to their birth announcements. If you’re sending one online, upload or scan the picture to your computer. 

3. Make a Shadow Box

Create a display box encased in glass for placing ornaments and mementos. Much like a scrapbook, a shadow box keeps your precious memories of your new child. Unlike a scrapbook, it can be conveniently displayed within your home to show guests. 

4. Incorporate Them Into a Baby Shower Guestbook

The guestbook at your baby shower allows friends and family to leave words of encouragement for you and your new baby. Place the ultrasound picture in the middle of a blank page and have attendees write in their notes surrounding it. Once the baby shower is over, remove the page and frame it as a keepsake. 


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