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3 Ways to Protect Your Garage Floor This Winter December 26, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
3 Ways to Protect Your Garage Floor This Winter, Rochester, New York

Even if your garage's concrete floor is sturdy, winter still presents some unique challenges. The freezing temperatures, moisture, and road salt your car tracks in through the garage door can damage the floor, staining it or making it flake. To extend the life of your concrete, use these tips.

How Can I Avoid Garage Floor Damage?

1. Clean & Repair the Flooring

Before the weather gets too cold, sweep and then pressure-wash your concrete. This will remove any debris that might get in the way of repairs or cause stains. Next, examine the floor for cracks and gouges, and have them professionally repaired. Cracks that are left untreated will grow wider as water freezes and thaws repeatedly inside them throughout the winter.

2. Cover

Garage DoorsThe simplest cover for your garage floor is a large mat, which can help soak up salt and slush and prevent them from reaching the concrete. For more comprehensive protection, apply a coating to the cleaned and dried floor itself. A layer of epoxy or a concrete sealant prevents water and salt from seeping in and causing damage.

3. Schedule Garage Door Repairs

You should have a seal at the bottom of your garage door that’s kept in good condition so that when the door closes, it blocks sleet and melted snow from seeping inside. If the seal is damaged or missing, schedule a visit from your garage door specialist as soon as possible to replace it. You should also call them if the door isn't closing correctly—for example, it may be crooked or stuck partway.


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