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3 Helpful Tips For Algebra Beginners January 3, 2020

Vinings, Cobb
3 Helpful Tips For Algebra Beginners, Vinings, Georgia

Whether you’re a student, a parent trying to help your child who is struggling with homework, or just an adult trying to figure out your finances, it’s important to know basic algebra. But getting started on your algebra journey can be the hardest part. After all, it can be awfully intimidating to see those letters and numbers mixing together if you have no idea what you’re doing. Luckily, with a few basic math tutoring tips, you can be well on your way to being an algebra master in no time.

How to Start Learning Algebra 

Brush Up On the Basics

You need to walk before you can run, which means you need to make sure you understand basic math before you can tackle algebra. Go through some addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to make sure you understand them. Don’t be afraid to try difficult problems because you’ll need to have this skill set in order to take on algebra. If you’re working with a math tutor, let them know if you’re still tripped up on anything. 

Understand What the Letters Really Mean

Seeing a letter in a math problem can be confusing. It’s understandable to have this reaction at first, but once you understand why a letter is there, it will begin to seem more natural to you. An algebra tutor can explain it to you in depth, but the letter represents an unknown variable. Algebra is the process of finding what values those letters represent.

Show Your Work

math tutoringOnce you get the hang of it, it’s certainly tempting to breeze through problems with just a bit of shorthand. Be sure to always show your work, especially when working with a math tutor. If you make mistakes, they can help you see exactly where they happened and how to avoid them in the future. Even if you’re not working with a tutor just yet, it still helps you to be able to study the process later. 


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