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3 Reasons to Go to a Bar With Games & Entertainment December 12, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
3 Reasons to Go to a Bar With Games & Entertainment, Waialua, Hawaii

Your favorite bar is your go-to choice for a night out, but if it doesn’t offer live music, shows, or games, you may be missing out on a better experience. For your next night on the town, find a place that offers live entertainment for a more memorable time. Here are a few reasons to choose an establishment with entertainment.

What Are the Benefits of a Bar With Entertainment Options?

1. Interesting Night With Friends

When you're with a group, there may be a lull in the conversation or the desire to do more than sitting around. A bar with entertainment options, like darts, shuffleboard, karaoke, or billiards, gives you the chance to add a little excitement to your night. You’ll have fun playing games and bonding over new memories.

2. Better Date Night

barDates can be a nervous event if you're with someone new. Games are natural ice breakers and invite goofiness and humor into the night, allowing you to get to know each other without the pressure of having a deep conversation. If you’ve been dating for a while, games offer a way to break out of your old routine and add variety. Each game night will be a different experience and a new chance to create fond memories.

3. Discover Local Entertainment

Local establishments that offer musical acts and live shows, like hypnotists, introduce you to talent from your community. You’ll find new favorites or be wowed by the excitement of an amazing performance.


If you want to go to a bar that offers an array of entertainment options, head to Kawailoa Tavern in Haleiwa, HI. This establishment boasts a lively atmosphere and numerous entertainment options, like live music, hypnotic performers, and dartboards. View the latest reviews online, or call (808) 744-3754 to ask about their happy hour specials.