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3 Common Dental Issues For People In Their 30s January 13, 2020

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3 Common Dental Issues For People In Their 30s, Middlebury, Connecticut

Once you reach your 30s, it’s easy to become distracted with other issues, such as work and family, and neglect your teeth. However, dental care is a lifelong commitment. You should still continue flossing, brushing properly, and going to the dentist for teeth cleanings. Here are several dental issues you may face during this important decade of your life.

3 Dental Problems Common Among 30-Something People

1. Tooth Sensitivity

Drinking acidic beverages and eating sugary foods can wear away tooth enamel. While tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it’s subject to erosion from decay-causing acids and plaque. Pits may form in eroded teeth, and you may experience increasing sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures from foods, beverages, or even the weather.

teeth cleaningReduce tooth sensitivity by remineralizing teeth with fluoride toothpaste. As long as the erosion is not severe, fluoride toothpaste rebuilds enamel to strengthen teeth. If erosion is severe, talk to your dentist.

2. Gum Recession

Teeth cleaning for two minutes twice a day, flossing once daily, seeing the dentist every six months, and maintaining a healthy diet all help avoid gum recession. A symptom of gum disease, gum recession can occur in your 30s if your approach to dental care was lax in your teens and 20s. It can also result from aggressive brushing. Left unchecked, it eventually reveals tooth roots, resulting in sensitivity, pain, and potentially loosened teeth.

Talk to your dentist about your gum recession, as you may need grafts. You can also avoid further recession by gently brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled brush.

3. Tooth Stains

Many people in their 30s notice tooth stains from certain habits, such as using tobacco products, drinking coffee, and consuming too many acidic and sugary foods. Other staining foods and beverages such as beets, berries, red wine, and tea also contribute to tooth stains. Teeth whitening can help you enjoy a whiter smile while reducing or eliminating practices that contribute to stains, such as smoking and drinking wine.



Don’t feel discouraged if you’re experiencing dental issues in your 30s. Take charge of your oral health with home care and seeing your dentist for teeth cleanings and checkups twice a year. Joy K. Lunan DDS and her staff provide dental patients throughout Middlebury, CT and the surrounding areas with restorative services such as crowns and veneers in addition to teeth cleanings and gum disease treatments. Call (203) 598-7920 today to schedule an appointment. Learn more about the services Dr. Lunan and her staff offer online.

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