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5 Tips for Increasing Dishwasher Efficiency December 26, 2019

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5 Tips for Increasing Dishwasher Efficiency, Ham Lake, Minnesota

Dishwashers with ENERGY STAR® seals save up to $40 in annual energy costs and nearly 5,000 gallons of water per year compared to washing dishes by hand. However, in addition to buying an energy-efficient product, there are other ways to make this household appliance work optimally. Here’s what you need to know.  

How to Improve Your Dishwasher’s Efficiency

1. Wait Until There’s a Full Load

Run the household appliance only when it’s full to avoid wasting water and energy. Scrape dishes into your garbage disposal or trash instead of rinsing them in the sink to save extra water, and turn the dishwasher on in the early morning or late evening. This measure prevents operation during peak hours when utility companies charge more.

2. Avoid Overcrowding

household appliancesWait until your dishwasher is full without overcrowding it, as stacking and similar practices prevent the sprayer from reaching all of your dishes. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to arrange dishes, glassware, and silverware correctly so you don’t have to wash them again.

3. Consider Your Other Major Appliances

Use the household appliance when your HVAC system is off or on a low power setting. Dishwashers release ambient heat, so use it at night during the summer when the air conditioner isn’t working extra hard. Turn down your thermostat during winter to give your furnace a chance to rest, as the appliance’s heat and humidity will help keep your home comfortable. 

If your dishwasher is next to your refrigerator, move one of the household appliances. A refrigerator dealing with dishwasher heat uses more energy to keep its contents chilled.

4. Turn the Heat Down

Set your dishwasher to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid unnecessary heating that increases your energy bill. Most are set between 140 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit; however, the 120-degree setting still cleans dishes thoroughly and kills bacteria. 

5. Allow Dishes to Air Dry

Open the household appliance’s door at the end of the wash cycle so the dishes air dry. There’s no need to use the fan or electric heat source in your dishwasher, which expends energy unnecessarily. If you run the dishwasher in the evening, dishes and glasses will be ready for use the next morning. 


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