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How to Clean Your Leather Sofa January 6, 2020

Sixteen Mile Stand, Symmes
How to Clean Your Leather Sofa, Symmes, Ohio

Leather furniture instantly makes home interiors look stylish and more sophisticated. This style of sofa, in particular, is quite durable and typically has a long life span with proper maintenance. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean your leather sofa without causing damage.

4 Steps of Leather Furniture Cleaning

1. Vacuum

Vacuum your leather couch to remove dirt, dust, and food debris before cleaning it. Remove the cushions to vacuum the undersides as well. Use the narrowest attachment on your vacuum cleaner to make sure you have access to all cracks and crevices. 

2. Treat Stains 

Make a solution of warm water and dish soap. Dip a gentle cloth in the solution and dab out stains using small circular motions. Absorb grease stains with a dry cloth and baking soda. Don’t use back-and-forth motions, as these may cause stains to spread. Finally, dry any wet spots thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.  

3. Clean

furnitureSpray a high-quality leather cleaning product onto a cloth and lightly coat the entire sofa with it. Avoid missing any spots by going from top to bottom. Don’t forget to clean the undersides of cushions, edges, and crevices. When you’re finished, wipe off any excess product before conditioning.

4. Condition 

Leather furniture needs conditioner to prevent it from drying out and becoming damaged. Apply conditioner to a cloth and buff it into the sofa. Let the product sink in for about an hour before using your couch again. The surface should look glossy, hydrated, and have a fresh scent.


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