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Why Add Lime to My Lawn in the Winter? January 1, 2020

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Why Add Lime to My Lawn in the Winter?, Catawba Springs, North Carolina

Beautiful spring lawns are made in the fall & winter, so now is the time to think about what lawn services will prepare your grass and soil for the 2020 growing season. Since there isn’t much growth activity in January, you have the opportunity to adjust your lawn’s pH level to maximize fertilizer efficiency and promote lawn health throughout the year.

Adjusting the pH of Your Soil

Ideal pH for Tall Fescue

Tall fescue is a popular grass in the U.S. because of its large growing region. This type of grass likes pH-neutral or very slightly acidic soil, so the ideal balance is between 5.5 and 7. Over time, rain and decaying plant matter can throw the soil’s pH level off, making it more difficult for your lawn to thrive. Spreading lime is an all-natural way to restore the pH balance in the soil, creating conditions that make it easier for plants to absorb the fertilizer you’ll spread later.

When to Lime Your Lawn

It can take some time for the mineral to work its way through the soil, so most lawn health experts recommend spreading lime a few months before the spring or fall growing season. Applying lime in January or June gives it time to work into the soil.

How Often Do Lawns Need Lime?

Most lawns need to have their pH adjusted yearly depending on the soil content on your area, but you should commission a soil test first if you’re unsure. Many local government agencies and extensions agencies offer pH testing for a small fee, giving you confidence that you’re taking the right approach to your lawn services.


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