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Beach Bum Tanning is Manhattan's premium destination for sunless tanning in Union Square. Aside from the dozens of tanning beds, other amenities include: Airbrushing, spray tanning and fit body slimming wrap.

How to Get Beach Ready at The Last Minute With Beach Bum’s Sunless Tanning Solutions! June 6, 2014

Union Square, Manhattan
How to Get Beach Ready at The Last Minute With Beach Bum’s Sunless Tanning Solutions!, Manhattan, New York

Summer plans won’t wait for your tan to dry! For a fast tan that will last you through the weekend, Beach Bum Tanning & Airbrush Salon provides the best sunless tanning solutions in New York City. The tanning experts realize that post-tanning care can take time, and time is precious during the summer. Do you really want to wait four to six hours before showering? That’s why Beach Bum Tanning is proud to present its "Shower In An Hour" service. 

With this new sunless tanning procedure, you will be able to shower as soon as 60 minutes after your tan. Your skin will look sun-kissed and sexy, and you won’t have to wait to show it off!

Of course, proper post-tanning care is essential no matter what tanning service you receive. Your first shower after your tan should be under lukewarm water to remove excess tanning solution. You should not use moisturizer, since this will cause your tan to run off and bleed. After your first shower, avoid exercise, direct heat, or anything that might cause you to sweat.

During your second shower, use a soap-free product to cleanse your skin. After you’re done, gently pat your skin dry. Don’t rub your skin, since this will remove the tan. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated after your shower; apply a high-quality moisturizer, such as Beach Bum’s own Sunless Pro Advanced Moisturizers.

With Beach Bum’s "Shower In An Hour" service, you’ll be able to shower only an hour after your tan, and your skin won’t lose that golden shine before hitting the beach! Need to set up your next sunless tanning appointment? Visit Beach Bum Tanning & Airbrush Salon online and get ready to glow!