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How Do Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets Work? December 27, 2019

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How Do Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets Work?, Cleveland, Tennessee

Alcohol bracelets such as SCRAM® products are an important tool for law enforcement because drinking is a factor in a wide range of crimes. About 40% of convicted violent offenders who receive jail time were under the influence when they committed their offenses. If the court wants to grant bail or probation to a defendant who is known to abuse alcohol, it's essential to prevent them from continuing to drink to lower the risk they'll re-offend. To do this, the court uses alcohol monitoring bracelets.

Why Transdermal Alcohol Bracelets Are Used

Alcohol monitors aren't used for every criminal or even every violent offender—only those who are at risk of repeating their crimes if they drink. When someone is suspected or convicted of an alcohol-related offense such as a DUI, the court may order them to wear an alcohol bracelet. They can also be mandated in cases where the defendant is involved in an unrelated crime and has a history of abusing alcohol.

How They Work

Alcohol BraceletThe human body processes a drink in several different ways, not just through the liver. One of the places alcohol ends up is in sweat. The amount that comes from the pores is tiny, but the sensors on transdermal alcohol monitoring bracelets detect this trace amount on the skin and notify law enforcement.

Why They're Effective

SCRAM bracelets are highly accurate and will send alerts any time they detect alcohol. Trying to block the sensor or remove the bracelet also sends a message to the monitoring agency that will alert them to the tampering attempt.

It's possible to generate a false positive with a product like rubbing alcohol, but in most cases, the bracelet will send an accurate report of the person's transdermal alcohol level about every half hour, which is easy to translate to an approximate BAC.


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