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The Three Levels of Chimney Inspections December 20, 2019

Huntington, Huntington
The Three Levels of Chimney Inspections, Huntington, New York

Whether you use your fireplace often or it's been unused for years, your chimney may have incurred damage over time that you never noticed. After all, this structure is exposed to the elements, and a small issue can render it useless. Before having your chimney looked at during a full home inspection, learn more about the different examination levels to determine which one you need.

Level 1

A Level 1 inspection is a standard chimney sweep, requiring no special tools. The inspector will look at the visible interior and exterior elements to see if your fireplace is safe to use. Usually, Level 1 is all you need if you have annual home inspections. However, you should schedule this examination early, rather than when a problem arises.

Level 2

home inspectionA Level 2 inspection includes a thorough review of your chimney that goes farther than Level 1. The inspector will check the inside of the chimney flue using a special camera, and they'll also check portions of your home that allow access to the chimney, including the attic and crawlspace. You might need a Level 2 inspection if your fireplace's fuel type needs changing, the flue needs remaking or relining, or the chimney is damaged.

Level 3

If a Level 2 inspection finds significant problems, including damage or safety hazards, Level 3 becomes necessary. During this sweep, parts of your chimney are reverse engineered, giving the technician better access to the external components. After, they'll determine how serious the condition is. This type of inspection also includes all the procedures done during Level 1 and 2.


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