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4 Tips for Navigating Parking Lots December 13, 2019

Fairmount, Jefferson
4 Tips for Navigating Parking Lots , Fairmount, Colorado

Are you headed to the grocery store or movies? If you are, you’ll likely need to leave your car in a parking lot. According to a 2016 study, one in every five car accidents occurs in a parking lot. Read on to learn how to avoid unpleasant door dings, dent repairs, and physical injuries associated with parking lot mishaps. 

How to Navigate Parking Lots

1. Stay Focused

The majority of American drivers ignore the law and use their phones while driving. You might think that looking away from the road for a moment won't cause any harm, but having your eyes off the road for even two seconds can increase the chance of collision by more than 20 times. In a parking lot, you might feel that the rules of the road no longer apply. However, you’re still surrounded by vehicles that can dent your car or cause greater damage to your car and loved ones. 

2. Slow Down

door dingParking can be the most tedious part of your outing. In an effort to get it over with quickly, you might rush into a spot and get out of your car. Along the way, you can cause a door ding in your own car door or an adjacent one. Open your car doors slowly and advise your passengers to do the same. Make sure you’ve parked within the lines, and remain a safe distance from other vehicles.

3. Backing Up

Studies conducted by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration indicated that around 500,000 backing accidents occur each year in the U.S. People may be in a rush to get to arrive at their destination, but they’re in a bigger rush to get out of the parking lot. Harming another person will take a greater toll on you than any door ding, so use your car’s safety features, like park assist and surround vision cameras, to back out safely. If you don’t have access to these features, use your rearview mirrors and take an extra look through the rear window. It might take more time, but the safety benefits are worth it.

4. Park Smart

When possible, back into a spot or pull through so you can exit the spot facing forward. Both actions will make exiting the parking lot faster and safer. If you’re able to walk longer distances, it’s a good idea to park away from other cars to prevent door dings and other damage. You can even count your longer walk as exercise.



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