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Have Curly Hair? Do's & Don'ts of Caring for It December 20, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
Have Curly Hair? Do's & Don'ts of Caring for It, Manhattan, New York

Keeping naturally curly hair glossy and bouncy requires a fair bit of work. Without a regular regimen, the strands can dry out or become frizzy and matted. To keep your locks looking fresh between trips to the hair salon, below are tasks to perform at home and bad habits to break.


Use conditioners.

Your scalp produces an oil called sebum, which moves down the hair shaft to keep the strands hydrated. With the kinks and creases in curly locks, the journey from the scalp to the ends can be difficult.

To prevent dry, brittle hair, use a deep conditioner. The solution will provide nourishing, moisturizing oils to supplement the sebum. A stylist at your hair salon can recommend a product for your texture and color. For example, if you’re blonde, you may need purple conditioners to prevent brassiness

Attach a diffuser to the dryer.

New-York-New-York-hair-salonPlace a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer.

Unlike the narrow nozzle of a blow dryer, a diffuser’s wide surface releases air evenly over a large area. This will help your thick, curly mane dry evenly, while combating frizz and keeping the curl pattern intact. Using a diffuser may also cut down on how long it takes to dry off after the shower.


Go overboard with products.

From oils to holding sprays, there are numerous products available to maintain curly hairstyles. Try to keep these to a minimum. The products can settle in the bends and creases, leading to product buildup. The residue can attract grime, leaving your hair looking greasy and weighed down.

Limit yourself to one product a day, such as an oil.

Brush wet curls.

Fight the urge to use a brush to detangle wet strands. If you brush too hard, the bristles could pull out the delicate wave pattern, leaving your hair limp and frizzy.

When you need to tame your mane, wait until it’s dry. You should also use a wide-tooth comb to prevent excessive pulling.


For help keeping your curly hair healthy, visit Bloom Beauty Lounge in New York City. Based in Chelsea, this hair salon is the place to get eye-catching hair colors and cuts, as well as restorative treatments and nourishing organic hair products. To book an appointment, call (212) 255-9355, or visit the hair salon online to learn more about their work with curls. Become an Instagram follower to see photos of their past clients’ looks. 

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