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Top 3 Causes of Spider Veins December 26, 2019

Koreatown, Manhattan
Top 3 Causes of Spider Veins, Manhattan, New York

Spider veins are red or blue veins that may become more apparent as you age. They are dilated blood vessels, and often appear on the legs and thighs. If you recently had spider vein removal, understanding the causes of the condition may help you avoid them in the future. Here are a few factors you can and can’t change that may increase your risk of developing these veins.

What Factors Cause Spider Veins?

1. Genetics

It’s unclear why some people develop spider veins and others don’t, but there are some hereditary factors in play. If one or both of your parents had them, you might develop them, especially as you get older. In fact, 90% of people who have them have family histories of the condition. The hormone estrogen may also be the reason why women are more likely to develop them.

2. Lifestyle Habits

spider vein removalYou can develop spider veins even if you’re not genetically predisposed. If you’re a teacher, medical provider, service worker, or another professional who stands for prolonged periods, you may notice spider veins appearing on your legs. When you stand or sit, the pressure in the veins of your legs increases, which can lead to the condition.

3. Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions can alter blood flow and vein health. If you’re prone to blood clots from conditions like deep venous thrombosis (DVT) or atrial fibrillation, you may experience issues with blood pooling. If previous blood clots damaged your veins, it can increase the risk of developing spider veins. 

Being overweight can also place extra pressure on your veins. If you use hormonal birth control or hormone therapy, the hormones estrogen and progesterone may weaken the vein valves, leading to varicose or spider veins.


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