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3 Types of Cichlids for Your Tank January 3, 2020

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3 Types of Cichlids for Your Tank, Moraine, Ohio

When you need a splash of color in your fish tank, cichlids are the perfect solution. These colorful fish can make any aquarium more vibrant, and there are plenty of options when you’re looking to buy some. Know the different types of cichlids available so you can pick which would work best for you.

Understanding Different Types of Cichlids

1. African Cichlids

African lakes are some of the most populous areas in the world for a wide variety of cichlid species. If you’re looking at African cichlids for your fish tank, consider the Halochromis, also known as the hap for short. They have long bodies, and though they start out gray or silver, they become brightly colored as they grow.

Peacocks can vary in shape, but they usually grow between four to six inches and are also brightly colored. Mbunas have extremely vibrant color patterns and grow to about five inches. 

2. South American Cichlids

fish tankSouth America is home to many different types of this species. One common variety is the Angelfish. Though colors can vary, this is one of the tallest fish out there growing up to ten inches. 

Convicts or zebra cichlids get their name from their black and white striped color scheme. The Midas species is a little rarer, but can grow to about fifteen inches long and sport a bright orange color.

3. Dwarf Cichlids

Though these fish are technically from South America as well, their small stature warrants its own category. They’re a perfect fit for a smaller fish tank where space is limited due to dimensions or lots of company.

While tiny, they typically have bright and beautiful color schemes. Even though they may be small, these fish are somewhat aggressive when compared to other species and may need to be watched more carefully. 


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