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4 Winter Landscaping Tips for Property Managers January 6, 2020

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4 Winter Landscaping Tips for Property Managers, Asheboro, North Carolina

As a property manager, you take pride in the health and beauty of your grounds. To make sure your landscaping survives the winter and thrives come spring, it’s important to take a few simple steps. When the weather turns cold, here’s what to do.

Landscaping Tips for the Winter Season

1. Remove Leaves & Debris

As leaves collect on grass-covered areas, they prevent air and sunlight from penetrating the turf. Removing leaves and other organic debris allows lawns to absorb light and breathe until the first snowfall—which can come pretty late in the South—bolstering endurance under winter conditions. Groundskeepers may also use a mulching mower to pulverize leaves, providing grass with natural fertilizer.  

2. Fertilize & Seed

landscapingThe first weeks of winter are a great time to feed your grass. A final application of winter-formula fertilizer energizes root growth in preparation for spring.  Also, use a spreader to seed the lawn, preferably before the first frost. It gives the grass a head start on new growth come next season.

3. Winterize Planting Beds

Winter preparation also includes plant and flower beds. Remove organic debris and withered annuals to guard against disease and pest infiltration. Trim back perennials but leave them full enough to metabolize nutrients and continue their growth cycle. In return, they will continue to beautify sparse-looking winter landscapes.   

4. Kill Weeds

Give your grass a boost in the neverending battle against weeds. Apply pre-emergents in fall to guard against winter germinators. Continue to apply appropriate weed killers straight through until spring. Otherwise, negligence may cause a weed explosion when temperatures begin to warm up again.


It’s critical to prepare your landscaping for seasonal changes. For expert help with keeping your grounds healthy and beautiful all year long, contact Steve Hinesley and Co. Inc. in Asheboro, NC. Their trusted experts handle everything from landscape design, irrigation, and repairs to mowing, pruning, and vegetation removal throughout the Triad area. Call them today at (336) 953-4600 or (336) 886-9542 to schedule a visit. Explore their full list of services online

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