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How to Keep a Vacation Home Safe While Away December 12, 2019

Orange Beach, Baldwin
How to Keep a Vacation Home Safe While Away, Orange Beach, Alabama

Having a vacation home is a luxury when you want to get away for a while, but keeping it safe in the off-season may be worrisome. There are, however, a few proven strategies for protecting property in your absence. Below are five tips to remember.

How to Prepare a Vacation Home to Be Empty

1. Check HVAC & Plumbing

Before closing up your home for the off-season, check that heating and cooling units are in working order. Change out filters and clear away any dirt and debris that may have accumulated nearby outdoor units or fixtures. Also, set the thermostat so the heat doesn’t kick on when no one is there. As for the plumbing, drain all faucets, especially outdoor ones, and make sure sprinklers are drained and turned off.

2. Prepare Outdoor Area

Walk around your outdoor area and give your landscaping a final maintenance check. Drain the lawn mower of gas, and store the machine safely. Clean and cover grills, and store or cover outdoor furniture. If you have greenery that’s susceptible to frost damage, cover it with burlap, and move fragile plants indoors.

3. Invest in Security

vacation homeTo ensure your vacation home is secure while you’re away, install a security system. Burglar alarms, fire alarms, and surveillance cameras will not only alert you of problems but also deter criminals from attempting to cause trouble. Also, install motion sensor lights, and set interior lights on a timer so your home never appears empty or too dark.

4. Make Repairs

Make any necessary repairs inside and outside your vacation home. Check that windows and doors are secure and that there are no gaps in their seals. Clean out gutters, and inspect the roof to prevent leaks and water damage. If you have a fireplace, have it inspected and the chimney cleaned.

5. Call a Property Manager

A property management team can be a useful resource in your absence. These professionals will check on your house regularly to ensure it’s safe and secure. Local managers can drive by and enter the premises as needed to check for any signs of trouble.


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