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How to Protect Your Eyes During Home Improvement Projects December 9, 2019

Rochester, Monroe
How to Protect Your Eyes During Home Improvement Projects, Rochester, New York

Whether you're hanging a picture frame, putting together a piece of furniture, or taking care of home repairs, handling jobs around the house on your own can be rewarding. Whenever you reach for the toolbox, you should always carry proper eye protection. Even the simple task of hammering a nail into the wall can go awry and cause harm. Find out how to avoid emergency trips to the eye doctor below.

Why Eye Protection Matters

Eye injuries are more common than you might expect. In a single year, some 1.9 million incidents occurred in the United States that were serious enough to require medical attention. The majority of these cases were treated in hospital emergency rooms. Common causes of injuries include flying debris and dust, chemical splashes, and injuries caused by tools.

How to Protect Your Visioneye doctor

An estimated 90 percent of serious eye injuries could be prevented with the appropriate protective eyewear. Wear safety goggles made of shatterproof polycarbonate to keep objects and debris from making contact with the eye. For example, if you're doing woodwork, the goggles will keep sawdust out of your eyes. For larger projects involving heavy tools or chemicals, use a full face shield. 

Don't rely on your everyday eyeglasses. Most lenses are not impact-resistant and are likely to break if something hits them hard enough. The resulting glass shards may cause additional damage. If you require prescription lenses, an eye doctor can outfit you accordingly. 


For a top-quality eye doctor in Rochester, NY, turn to Alexander Eye Associates & Optical. This locally owned eye clinic provides dedicated care for patients of all ages. Their team will be happy to fit you with the appropriate eyewear. They also offer a large variety of affordable frames. Visit their website for a full list of services, including eye surgery and vision exams. For an eye appointment, call (585) 325-3070.

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