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3 Ways to Make Your Architectural Design Eco-Friendly January 28, 2020

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3 Ways to Make Your Architectural Design Eco-Friendly, Rochester, New York

With environmental issues and concerns becoming more relevant in American society, sustainable architecture is following suit. Many building owners and construction companies have made eco-friendly design a priority. If you’re interested in green building, consider the following ways to incorporate sustainability into your building design.

How to Make Your Building Design Eco-friendly

1. Installing Efficient Lighting

Many architects understand that artificial lighting can run up energy costs, so they’ve incorporated natural light with efficient LED lighting to reduce electrical costs. Large and strategically placed windows allow natural light into the interior during the day while LED lighting illuminates spaces at night. Motion-sensor lighting also prevents wasted energy.

2. Using Recyclable Materials

building designScrap metal, doors, windows, plastic, and masonry materials can all be recycled and reused in your building design. Everything from the roofing to the carpet can feature recyclable materials. Insulation can be made from recycled newspapers, and flooring can be created from recycled cork. Salvaged wood can be reused for cabinets, countertops, and desks. 

3. Implementing Natural Siding

There are many types of environmentally friendly siding materials that can reduce a building’s carbon footprint. Metal siding such as steel is made from recycled scrap metals, and bricks are commonly recycled or reused in construction, making them a highly sustainable material. Wood siding is also a renewable resource that can be locally sourced. Bamboo boards also provide a solid and eco-friendly siding material.


If you want to incorporate green initiatives with your building design, consider teaming with the architects at Pardi Partnership Architects PC in Rochester, NY. For almost 20 years, this design firm has specialized in diverse building practices. With a collaborative team of architects, contractors, developers, designers, and engineers, they are known for strategic and high-quality design. Call (585) 454­-4670 or visit them online to learn more about this award-winning firm’s design services. 

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