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Chocolate vs Fudge: What's the Difference? December 18, 2019

Forest Hills, Queens
Chocolate vs Fudge: What's the Difference?, Queens, New York

Chocolate and fudge are some of America’s favorite desserts. Whether you're ordering them at a restaurant or enjoying a treat at home, you may become curious about the similarities of these products. Many people think of them as interchangeable, but while there is some overlap, they are not the same. Here's what you need to know to understand the origins of these classic sweets.


The history of chocolate is ancient, but the first chocolate bars in their modern form were created by Englishman Joseph Fry in 1847.

Chocolate is typically made of cocoa, cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. Dark, milk, and semisweet chocolate have different amounts of milk and sugar, which determine the bitterness level of the treat.

There's also white chocolate, which is made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk without the cocoa solids. Chocolate naturally has a hard, breakable texture when it's cool.


RestaurantThe main distinguishing feature of fudge is that, in addition to milk, sugar, and flavorings, it contains butter. The butter, plus the fact that cooks whip the mixture during the production process, gives it a soft, spongy texture.

Fudge can be chocolate-flavored and contain chocolate, but it can also be made without it. In such cases, it might include a wide range of flavors, including fruits, vanilla, and nut butters. Its rich, creamy taste and variety of nostalgic flavors make it a holiday favorite, but stores and restaurants also serve it throughout the year.


If you're craving chocolate fudge, try a slice of buttery fudge cake from Buffalo Wild Wings in Hicksville, NY. This bar and restaurant has locations across the country, including 19 convenient establishments throughout New York and Connecticut. For 37 years, they've offered America's best wings in comfortable and family-friendly environments. View their dessert options online or call (516) 937-9453 to schedule an appointment.

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