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Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital is a pet clinic in Waipahu, HI that provides veterinary and pet services.

Waipahu’s Pet Health & Animal Care Experts Explain How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language! June 26, 2014

Waipahu, Ewa
Waipahu’s Pet Health & Animal Care Experts Explain How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language!, Ewa, Hawaii

Lifelong dog lovers, pet owners, and animal care professionals will all agree: the key to getting along with a dog of any age is being able to read its body language. Happy, sad, hungry, sleepy, loving, or playful, your dog will try to express to you precisely how he or she is feeling, so you better be able to read the signs! At Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital the veterinarians and pet care experts will work with you to better understand your best friend.

If you and your family need a little extra help communicating with your dog, here are a few important tips to keep in mind!

Most dogs do not want to hurt humans. If they’re distressed, stressed, scared, or anxious, they’ll try to tell you! For instance, nose-licking is a key sign that your dog is not absolutely settled in his or her surroundings. A dog may attempt to self-soothe by licking its nose, which calms anxiety. If this nose-licking is accompanied by a stiff neck, seemingly rigid body, and/or the presence of “whale eye”—the positioning of a dog’s eye where the white portion (typically hidden) becomes visible—that means that the dog is deeply upset, and attempting to communicate this to you. He or she may decide to take action if the situation does not change!

Feel free to treat your dog to belly rubs, ear scratches, and playful gestures when encouraged. But remember, your dog is a dog, and not a human; not every play technique will be welcomed by your pet. Try not to “hug” him or her the way you might hug a human acquaintance. It may be interpreted, by your puppy, as a sign of asserting dominance or infringing upon her own space.

In the end, it’s easy to tell when a dog is genuinely happy. Much more than a tail wag, a happy dog will have a relaxed body, soft eyes, and will “engage” his nose with a new friend. Feel free to pet away!

Remember, when you need pet grooming, pet boarding, or pet surgery services in Waipahu, come to the best animal hospital on the island. From every day to emergency care, the veterinarians are there for you and your pets! For more information on Waipahu Waikele Pet Hospital, visit the vets online. For the latest news, tips, fun facts, and pet care advice, “Like” the hospital on Facebook.

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