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5 Car Insurance Tips for Teen Drivers & Their Parents December 16, 2019

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5 Car Insurance Tips for Teen Drivers & Their Parents, High Point, North Carolina

Getting a driver’s license is a momentous occasion for teens and their parents. But before young motorists can get behind the wheel, they’ll need to make sure they’re protected by a solid car insurance policy. Unfortunately, due to their inexperience, new drivers present more risk to insurance companies and typically face higher premiums than others. The good news is that parents and teens can work together to lower rates by following these five tips.

How Teens & Their Parents Can Save on Auto Insurance  

1. Join a Parent’s Policy

Insuring a teen under a separate policy will always cost more than listing them on a parent’s car insurance plan. While this option is more affordable, it’s still wise to compare rates between different carriers, as they can vary greatly.  

2. Drive Something Sensible  

Even if a teen driver is itching to drive a brand-new car, insuring these cars can add extra expenses to insurance due to their higher value. Instead, it’s more cost-effective for them to drive older, but safe, models. Sharing a family car can also keep rates down since you won’t have to add a separate vehicle to the policy.  

3. Practice Safe Driving

car insuranceHaving a license doesn’t mean that a person is inherently a safe driver—it just means they’ve proven their knowledge of safe on-road practices and driving laws. As such, new motorists should continue practicing with parents to improve skills. This ongoing practice will reduce the risk of accidents that could increase policy rates.  

4. Study Hard

Most insurers offer discounts to minors that prove they are dedicated students. Ask your insurance agent what your plan offers and strive to meet the minimum requirements so you can enjoy good grades and good rates.

5. Consider Monitoring

Driver monitoring programs offered through auto insurance providers—such as Allstate® DriveWise®—keep tabs on on-road behaviors and offer discounts to motorists who engage in safe practices. Policyholders can also view alerts that highlight potential risks—such as speeding—so parents can know which skills their teen driver needs to work on. The presence of a monitoring device may also help encourage teens to be more cognizant of their activities.



When you’re looking for auto coverage that fits the needs of your entire family, turn to Dewey Beckner at Allstate Insurance Companies. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, this High Point, NC, insurance agent will optimize teen driver plans to ensure parents get affordable coverage and maintain peace of mind. In addition to affordable car insurance, Beckner can also introduce you to many other plans that could keep you protected for a fair price—such as homeowners and motorcycle coverage. To learn more about these solutions, visit this local agent online. For a custom insurance quote, call (336) 884-5636.

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