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3 Crucial Winter Tree Care Tips December 10, 2019

Midland City, Dale
3 Crucial Winter Tree Care Tips, Midland City, Alabama

A lot of homeowners tend to neglect their outdoor space during winter. However, the trees on your property still require care. From tree pruning to watering, these tips can help you keep your property looking pristine and ensure your trees are healthy once spring rolls around.

How to Care for Your Trees This Winter

1. Water & Mulch

Many property owners think they can stop watering their gardens once winter arrives. However, trees need a consistent source of moisture throughout the year.

For young trees, continue to water them every few weeks as you would during other seasons. For more established trees, add sufficient water before the first freezing of the year; then, add a few inches of mulch to trap that moisture in the soil.

2. Protect Vulnerable Trees

tree-pruning-Dothan-ALNewly planted trees can be especially vulnerable to pest infestations or damage during winter. Protect them by placing a tree wrap around the trunk’s exterior. This should keep small rodents from chewing on the bark. You’ll also avoid freeze-thaw cycles that rupture the exterior and leave the inside vulnerable to disease.

3. Prune Branches

Once the leaves have fallen off your trees for the season, you can get a clear view of spots that may need some extra tree pruning or trimming. Look for areas with lots of extra growth or branches that might fall over walkways or parts of your roof or garden and cause damage. Since trees are usually dormant during this period, creating small cuts won’t leave them vulnerable to the spread of disease.


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