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Don’t let your Power Washer Freeze this Winter

Valid from December 2, 2019 to December 31, 2019
Don’t let your Power Washer Freeze this Winter, ,

Don’t let your Power Washer Freeze or Corrode this Winter

Take these steps to prepare your Power Washer for Winter

    Fuel from fuel station needs stabilizer put in especially if fuel is not going to be used in 30 days in any equipment.  At each use check oil level to make sure it is correct.  At the end of the year check oil if dark bronze or brown it needs changed.  Check air filter for dirt or debris, can clean off with air only if fibers are not falling off or white fibers are gray or no longer white.  Use the pump saver to get all water out of water pump system or it will freeze & crack pump.  Pump saver has a built in lubricant to keep inside of pump from corroding

    Don’t let your Power Washer Freeze this Winter

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