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3 Perks of a Walk-In Closet Island January 3, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
3 Perks of a Walk-In Closet Island, Greenburgh, New York

If you have a walk-in closet, you already enjoy the luxury of added space. However, it can be easy for items to become disorganized with so much room to work with, and central areas are often underused. If you want to bring your closet to the next level, consider adding an island. With cabinets, seating, and storage options, this feature can completely transform your space.

How Can a Closet Island Improve Your Space?

1. Organization

Organizing your hanging clothes is easy in a walk-in closet, but shoes, ties, socks, underwear, and loose articles can be difficult to fit in. A large island with cabinets provides plenty of room to store and organize these pieces. You can even add spaces for jewelry or general tools such as a lint roller, iron, and other clothing-care equipment.

2. Luxury

cabinetsA closet island has many aesthetic benefits. It can blend in with existing shelving, or it can be the defining piece in the room. Consider rich wood cabinets and a large marble countertop, or contrast the cabinet color with the flooring or overhead chandelier. You can also choose a standard shape or something unique, such as a half-circle.

3. Convenience

Having somewhere to set your accessories, jackets, and bags while you get ready will help keep everything clean and handy. You can also turn your island into a partial vanity by adding space for a chair between the cabinets and storage for all of your makeup supplies. Finally, you can even build end-seating, so you have a place to sit down and tie your shoes.


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