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Why You Should Never DIY Land Grading December 9, 2019

Victor, Ontario
Why You Should Never DIY Land Grading, Victor, New York

Land grading is a type of excavating that’s done to ensure rainfall drains properly and won’t settle at the foundation of a house. The process involves determining the desired path of excess water and manipulating the land to achieve that result. While it may sound like an easy task, here’s why it’s wise to let professional contractors do it for you.

4 Reasons Land Grading Is Best Left to Excavating Professionals

1. Erosion

Land grading involves excavating soil from one part of the property and moving it to a different area. This creates the slope necessary to guide water runoff toward a gutter, stream, or another desired location. However, if the shape of the slope isn’t properly calculated, the soil will erode over time. Professional contractors will offset the potential erosion from rainwater by creating a buffer zone of grass or other vegetation.

2. Landscaping

ExcavatingA contracting company can improve your landscaping through land grading and heavy haul services. They can shape your property to ensure your garden has proper drainage so that inclement weather won’t flood your plants. They can drain the water from several locations, depending on the shape and size of your property.

3. Home Damage 

The main objective of land grading is to drive rainwater away from the base of your home. If the grading isn’t done properly, water can erode the foundation of the structure. Water will pool near walkways and driveways as well. If the condition is allowed to remain, you may have to replace cement, asphalt, and other surfaces.

4. Heavy Lifting

Finally, land grading doesn’t always involve moving soft soil. There may be large rocks and stones that will also have to be relocated, or hauled away. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment on hand to accomplish this, but a contractor will be well-equipped. They can dispose of rocks and hard earth, or use it as a part of the land grading process. 


Land grading requires the skills of experienced excavating contractors. Victor Enterprises in Victor, NY, has the equipment and the skilled crew for professional quality land grading. Regardless of the construction, excavation, or hauling services you need, they’re dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. To discuss your needs with them, visit them online or call (585) 742-2232.

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