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The Problem With DIY Mail-Order Aligners December 17, 2019

Oxford, Butler
The Problem With DIY Mail-Order Aligners, Oxford, Ohio

Invisalign® aligners are one of the most popular ways to straighten teeth because they're convenient, comfortable, and effective. Recently, some patients have hoped to get the same results more economically, by ordering aligners from one of a few new companies that offer them without a visit to the orthodontist. This approach has risks and has even generated official complaints by the American Association of Orthodontics questioning its legality.

The Issue With Mail-In Services

Invisalign Fairfield, OHWhen you get Invisalign aligners, your dentist will take a scan or a mold of your mouth and use that to design a course of treatment. DIY companies also ask for scans and molds--but they won't look at your whole dental history, or the current condition of your teeth like dentists do at an in-person visit. If you have loose or weakened teeth for any reason, or if you develop these conditions throughout treatment, the pressure created by incorrectly designed mail-order aligners can cause breakage or tooth loss. There have been over 1400 official customer complaints already in the three years since these aligners hit the market.

Legal Problems

In addition to the health concerns, there's also the issue of licensing. Because these companies are not owned or managed by licensed dentists, their operations don’t fall under the oversight of state dental licensing boards. They do claim to source the design work from licensed providers with Invisalign experience, but The American Association of Orthodontics says this isn’t enough. Also, SmileDirectClub is currently facing at least one lawsuit, the latest of multiple legal actions against the company.


If you want a beautiful, healthy smile, get Invisalign or braces from a licensed, local dentist. Their expertise and direct, in-person service ensure that they can provide the most reliable results. They’ll examine your mouth to identify any preliminary problems that need to be addressed before orthodontic treatment, and then provide you with professionally designed aligners. They’ll also continue to monitor your progress, addressing issues as they arise with adaptive treatment plans and a whole-mouth approach to dental health.


For Invisalign in Fairfield, OH, choose Lamont Jacobs Orthodontics. This practice has over 30 years of history in Butler County, beginning with Dr. Jacobs' father. Now Dr. Jacobs and his team use advanced treatments and diagnostic equipment available, such as their IOC intra-oral sensor, to provide quality care. Call (513) 829-7045 to schedule a visit or learn more about Invisalign and their other treatment options on their website.

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