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3 Debunked Myths About Vocational Training December 9, 2019

Springfield Gardens, Queens
3 Debunked Myths About Vocational Training, Queens, New York

After you’ve received your high school diploma, you might not have your sights set on attending a university. If so, vocational training could be an excellent alternative, but you may be hesitant to explore it due to the number of misconceptions about it. Whether you can see yourself working as an EKG technician or a certified nursing assistant, use the following guide to learn the truth about vocational school. 

3 Myths of Vocational Education & Training

1. You Need to Know Exactly What Career You Want

Vocational programs are ideal for their exploratory nature. You don’t have to be committed to a certain trade; vocational schools are an excellent way to test drive a potential career. Students can shadow professionals in any given industry to learn what they enjoy through work-based, hands-on lessons.

2. Vocational School Is Just for Labor-Intensive Trades

certified nursing assistantThere’s a stigma about vocational schools that they only prepare students for jobs like appliance repair or auto mechanics. In fact, there is a wide range of career paths to focus on—from certified nursing assistants to web development. You can even use your training to enhance your resume for a completely different job or to start a business of your own.

3. You Can Only Get a Low-Paying Job After Vocational School

This myth is easily debunked with a bit of data— in 2017, students with bachelor’s degrees earned an average weekly income of $1,173, whereas those who graduated from vocational school had a median weekly income of $1,836. With some training, such as for a phlebotomy technician or certified nursing assistant, you can easily work your way up through the industry after graduation to get a higher paying position.


If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of getting a vocational education, consider enrolling at IGBANS Institute of Vocational Training. This Laurelton, NY, area institute specifically prepares students for careers in the health care industry. Whether you’re interested in administering EKGs, serving as a home health aide, or becoming a certified nursing assistant, visit the website to learn more about their programs, or call (718) 276-8100 to speak with a representative.

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