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3 Signs You Need Brake Repair December 9, 2019

Twin, Ross
3 Signs You Need Brake Repair, Twin, Ohio

Brake repair should be a top priority for every car owner. Waiting until a brake malfunction occurs is not only dangerous, but it also costs more to replace them. Below are three signs that your car brakes need maintenance.

3 Signs Brake Repair Is Needed

1. Odd Noises

You should be aware of any irregular noises coming from your car when applying the brakes. If you hear grinding or high-pitched noise, this is an indication that you need brake repair or a replacement. Another sound to look out for is squealing when you push the brake pedal.

2. Dashboard Alert

brake repairWhen the brake or anti-lock braking system warning light turns on on your dashboard, it can mean that your emergency brake is on, or there’s another issue with your vehicle. If turning off your emergency brake doesn’t work, a portion of your brake system has likely lost pressure. This can happen when the hydraulic fluid is low, or there’s a leak in the brake system. An automotive professional can diagnose the problem.

3. Strange Feelings

If your brakes feel spongy, and it takes longer for your car to stop after applying pressure, they could be wearing thin. Over time, the pads on your brakes can grind away, reducing the necessary friction to stop the car. If the parking brake doesn’t offer much resistance when using it, this is a definite sign that you need a professional to look at your vehicle.


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