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How to Detect & Deal With Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line December 13, 2019

Key Largo, Monroe
How to Detect & Deal With Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line, Key Largo, Florida

Trees provide shade and add to the aesthetic of your property, but they can also become nuisances over time. Deep-growing root systems are attracted to the water running through sewer lines and, as a result, commonly lead to plumbing issues. To determine if roots are causing your woes, and to learn how to correct the problem, review this guide.

What Are Some Signs Tree Roots Have Invaded Pipes?

When tree roots enter your sewer line, they'll continue to grow until they fill the space. Early on, you'll likely notice signs of a blockage at your drains, as your sinks and showers take longer to empty.

plumbingAn invasive clog or structural problem will also cause your toilet to make a gurgling sound when it's flushed. Over time, as the blockage worsens and the structural integrity of the plumbing fails, toilet backups will become more frequent. Eventually, water and sewage might even back up at your shower and other drains.

How Can You Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Your Plumbing?

If you don't already know where your sewer lines are located, contact your local utility or call “811” to find out. Ideally, all trees should be at least 10 feet away from the lines. Those with spreading roots and those that require large amounts of water need to be at least 20 feet away.

If there are any trees in a closer radius, add growth inhibitor chemicals near the sewer lines to keep the roots out. Metal or wood barriers can also be inserted into the ground near the pipes to block the roots.

When trees are growing around your home, you also should schedule annual plumbing inspections. A plumber will perform a video inspection of your water lines to look for root damage. When performed regularly, these inspections will catch cracks and leaks before trees can invade and cause more damage.


If you suspect tree roots have invaded your plumbing, contact the professionals at Nationwide Plumbing Services in Key Largo, FL. Since 1999, this family-owned business has provided commercial and residential plumbing repairs and maintenance throughout Monroe County. They’re licensed, insured, and have over 20 years of industry experience, so you can trust their abilities. Call them today at (305) 853-1848 to schedule an appointment, and follow them on Facebook for more helpful plumbing tips.

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