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What Are Spider Veins & Why Are They Removed? December 16, 2019

Koreatown, Manhattan
What Are Spider Veins & Why Are They Removed?, Manhattan, New York

Spider veins are small, unsightly veins that are typically found in women and may appear blue, purple, or red in color. People who experience them may also have varicose veins, which are larger, bulging growths in the legs. Factors like pregnancy, age, and weight can influence the risk of developing these veins. Because they cause cosmetic concerns, many people who have them choose spider vein removal. Find out more about the procedure and its benefits below.

How Are They Removed?

Spider veins serve no purpose for blood flow, so removing them for cosmetic reasons is safe. Spider vein removal uses laser therapy, which emits energy to target the veins without affecting any surrounding tissue. The blood in the affected vein absorbs the light from the laser and heats the walls of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse. The blood vessel then dissolves and disappears. 

Why Should You Have Them Removed?

spider vein removalIn many cases, spider and varicose veins do not lead to any health issues. Yet, in some cases, they lead to skin ulcers or blood clots, along with aching or throbbing. Spider vein removal doesn’t just address unsightly pigmented veins; it can also address bulging varicose veins that could cause future discomfort.

The thought of full-blown surgery may be unpleasant for some people. Fortunately, vein removal requires no incisions. The procedure therefore won’t require hospitalization, which reduces the risk of complications. Minor side effects include redness, irritation, and temporary bruising.

Patients are happy to discover that vein removal comes with no downtime. Your doctor may advise you to wear compression stockings and avoid getting the affected area wet for the first few days. However, during this time, you’ll be encouraged to maintain your regular routine to promote ample blood flow for thorough healing.


If you have spider or varicose veins, turn to Bared Monkey Laser Spa – Penn Station in New York City for removal. Specializing in laser treatments, this center employs highly trained technicians to remove tattoos, unwanted hair, and skin pigmentation. They also provide other cosmetic procedures, such as Coolsculpting®. Find out more about their vein removal treatment online or call (212) 256-9777 to schedule a consultation.

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